First successful outing alone with Sophia Rose

My daughter is 4 years old and about six months ago we took her to see Finding Dory in a movie theater and she sat for maybe 30 minutes before she wanted to run through the aisles, she was a complete nightmare. Unfortunately this was to be expected. She had never been to a movie theater before so I expect the unexpected which is being completely uncooperative. It was hard because my husband was trying to teach her a lesson that if she didn’t sit and watch the movie we’d go home. So of course he picked her up whisked her out the theater and said “because you didn’t sit and watch the movie we are going home” she cried the entire way home, screaming that she wanted to see Dory. She cried so much and so hard that her voice was cracking every time she’d try to talk. Without my daughter noticing I too cried the whole way home, it’s so hard and so impossible to let your child cry like that. Am I torturing her? Am I being a terrible parent? Will she ever forgive me? Will she hate me now? It was taumatizing for me as I’m sure it was for her. 

Fast forward to today. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with twins. I’m wobbling around like a penguin and exhausted all the time but today I grew a pair of balls and decided to take my daughter to the movies… alone. I don’t know what motivated me but I was determined to do it! The movie: Trolls. The theater: $1 theater down the street. I can not express enough that if the movie wasn’t so cheap I would definitely be more hesitant to see a movie with her. For $1 or so if we left early I wouldn’t be out much money. So I had my game plan ready to go! I brought things that I knew would comfort her like apple sauce, yogurt, marshmallows, fruit snacks and gold fish. You read that correct sugar sugar sugar. I hate feeding her sugar but they are things she rarely gets on a daily basis so I know for if she saw it she’d be excited and would be a great motivator. Also because my child can’t sit still for more than a minute I’ve noticed that play doh seems to help calm her. She doesn’t fidget as much when she holding it and molding it. 

So I told her that we were going to the movies and she got incrediblely excited so we left the house pretty early, the original game plan was to leave when the movie started so we could skip the trailers because I really wanted her to watch the movie and not waste time on trailers but because we left early we got there right before the trailers started so I was already worried but she loved the trailers and sat perfectly I was worried because she sat perfectly for the trailers I felt it would be less time she’d sit for the movie. For once I’m so happy to be wrong, she did amazing!! She sat through the entire thing with very little outburst and the outbursts were accurate with what was happening with the movie so that made me proud and gave me the perfect teaching opportunity for her to whisper. She loved all the singing and even laughed at all the appropriate moments of the movie. I was a proud mama. I was flying high!! So after the movie I decided to take her across the street to the lake and feed the ducks which she absolutely loved. All in all today was an amazing day! A win for this autism family. I’m motivated to take her out on my own more often! 

My Autistic Child loves the S word

My daughter has always had a hard time with speech. She didn’t say words till she was two and those were very basic like water or grapes. When she turned three she started to use 2-3 words in a row like I want water. At the ripe age of four she truly over came so many speech obstacles. With A LOT of speech therapy it is truly amazing to see how far she has come.

We noticed her vocabulary growing as she started watch YouTube videos. She knew how to use and control YouTube and I loved the independence it gave her. She was able to tell me  all the names of each My Little Pony, she would point and say look Mommy its Pikachu when we were at the store. She knows all the characters in Minecraft, It was amazing! We were over joyed by her knowledge and memory. Little did I know even with parental controls YouTube doesn’t consider “shit” a curse word so to my surprise my daughter dropped something on the floor and said “shit”! I thought it was a fluke but as days passed I notice I say the word shit, my husband says shit and  because we live in Los Angeles we have terrible road rage and when we’re mad at another driver we yell shit. So I guess I cant blame YouTube for her increase in using the word shit. Everyone always tells you, ignore it when they curse because the bigger deal you make of it the more they’ll say it. So as Elsa has taught me, I let it go. We were at Denny’s and she was playing Cut the Rope on my phone and she messed something up on the level and she said “SHIT!” I looked at my husband and we did everything we could to not laugh at this adorable toddler saying the S word but I thought about it, each time she says “shit” she uses it appropriately. She doesn’t say it for laughs or out of the blue. So who am I to get mad at her? I’m happy she’s talking, I’m happy she’s using it in a sentence correctly. Of course I wish it was a different word but I’m really proud that she is getting her point across. It wasn’t that long ago she would constantly scream and cry because we had no idea what she wanted. I warned school that the S word is now floating around in her vocabulary and she has yet to use it there but its a matter of time.



She was showing me her owie, I swear!




My little growing family

As you know I took an unexpected break from my blog, another reason I took a break is because we found out I’m pregnant! I’m currently 13 weeks and I’m exhausted! I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks and immediately scheduled my first ultrasound. I had to take my daughter with us because we didn’t want to tell family and we would have to of said something in order for someone to watch her. Lets just say, she was a handful during the entire appointment! Using gloves and turning them into balloons and constantly running in and out of the ultrasound room. Our ultrasound technician did what she normally does, she moved the wand around and said looks good looks good. She had a very thick accent. She said something to me and I asked her to repeat what she said at least four times before she showed me the monitor and said ” you have two! you have twins!” I looked at my husband and all we could do was laugh. We saw both heart beats and both tiny baby’s. We waited till the week of Christmas to announce to Facebook and other social media but we told our immediate family at Thanksgiving.  Out social media announcement is below.

The first couple of weeks were hard. I was tired and nauseous all the time. No matter how much sleep I got, I always needed more which is not something I experienced the first time around. Now I know it’s because I’m carrying TWO! Hopefully soon we will find out genders. I’ll keep you posted!