Happily Ever After- The Wedding

This is a day I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl. My barbies got married countless times. I’d pretend to get married to my stuffed animals when I was a kid. I’d wrap big white blankets around me pretending I was wearing a wedding dress. To call this day the most important day of my life is an understatement.

My husband and I had been together seven years before we started planning our wedding and people constantly would ask why we weren’t getting married and my response is, I’m not getting married until I could afford the wedding I had always wanted. Since our family wasn’t helping us financially it was all up to us to make my dreams come true. We even had our daughter before we tied the knot because we didn’t want to wait any longer for children but a wedding would always be there. On to the wedding!!

The night before the wedding we had a rehearsal dinner at CPK at the Garden Walk across from Disneyland. My family and my husbands family do not get a long so for me it was so stressful. I had to make sure everyone’s dietary restrictions were met and make sure husband & my family were far enough apart from one another.

I did happen to surprise my husband with a cake, we really wanted to get a grooms cake but it cost a small fortune having Disney make it, so I found a bakery that was able to make the cake in less then a week. They were a life saver. (Sorry for the super blurry picture).


Tetris grooms cake

The night before the wedding my husband and I went traditional. My mother in law watched our daughter and my husband spent the night at his brothers. I stayed the night in the hotel with my friend Jess and Pasami, slumber party!!. We were pretty exhausted from the day so we didn’t stay up all night having a pillow fight but it was very comforting to have them there.

The morning of the wedding we woke up early around 5:30 am because the ceremony started at 11:00 am. It was not hard at all to get up, I was so excited. 6:00 am was call time for the brides maids so we can start hair and make up.



Brides Maids gifts



Tiffany bracelet



Then at around 9:30 am/10:00 am my husband and I had our first look. My only regret is not scouting a place prior and picking a more private location. I felt there was so many people around us that it was slightly uncomfortable and took some emotion away because I could see people staring at us.


First Look

Right after our first look, we had time to take photos before the ceremony started.


Promptly at 11:00 am the ceremony started. The men’s song they walked in was “the final countdown”w_339_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16

The women walked in on “I see the light”w_347_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16

I surprised mostly everyone at my wedding with the Cinderella Carriage. It was a very hard secret to keep, I could hear the gasps and whispers as I pulled up. When I exited the carriage and right before I walked down the aisle the first 20 seconds of the “Darth Vader theme” played and then it quickly faded to “Beauty and the Beast”


Once the ceremony ended we rode away in the carriage and while the cocktail hour was happening we took more photos.w_471_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_485_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_546_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_565_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_595_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_615_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_637_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16w_656_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16

The reception was held at the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion inside the Disneyland Hotelg_667_Simply_Perfect_Images_Schwarz_5-16-16



Our sweet heart table. The flowers on the table were from the ceremony gazebo

Once my husband and I entered the Pavilion we had our first dance. Which was a instrumental version of the song “Make love in the club” by Usher.


To help with costs we had a candy bar and photo booth that were the favors for our guests.


Our last surprise for our guests were Mickey and Minnie meet and greet. No one knew they would make an appearance.



My child’s reaction to seeing Mickey and Minnie


The word excited is an understatement 

Once the reception ended we all started to trickle out. We went back to our room to unwind and a little later we joined our friends in Disney’s California Adventure to take a few photos.13320853_10153755585311298_6313052960303563944_o

The next day we had to be in the Disneyland Hotel lobby by 5:40 am because we booked a “castle photo shoot” which means we got to go into the park before it opens and before guests go inside the park to take photo’s in front of the castle. We got some extra pixie dust that day and we were able to take photos in front of the castle and the Haunted Mansion. Not only do you feel super VIP because you are the only people in the park but when they pick you up at the lobby they whisk you away behind the scenes. We saw where the fireworks go off, where they store the floats and firetrucks, a very cool experience.


People say marriage is hard but this first year has been amazing. We have been together 9 years this July 2017 and the only struggle we’ve experienced has been from outside trying to penetrate in. We have continued to stay strong, when I’m mad/sad he’s there to pick me up. When he’s sad/ mad I’m there to pick him up. We are never mad at the same time. We never go to bed angry and we are never to proud to say sorry. This relationship with each other has been pretty easy and It’s not luck or good fortune, it’s finding joy in making one another happy. I don’t think we get a better high then when we hear each other laugh.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I did!! ❤ These amazing photos were taken by our photographer Allen at Simply Perfect Images 

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