Weird F-ing Cravings

Maybe cravings isn’t the right word but my sense of smell since becoming pregnant has changed and everything smells different to me now…

Now that I’m in my third trimester I’m definitely nesting which means I’m cleaning a lot! As I clean I’m getting whiffs of these cleaning products that I never would of even thought twice about. Don’t go thinking I’m sniffin’ these things like glue and getting high because I’m not. I just think they smell really good and just because I have made a list for you fine people of things that smell so damn good to me right now:

  1. Goo-gone
  2. Lemon scented Lysol wipes
  3. Brand new box of Mr. Clean erasers
  4. My laundry soap- I don’t know what the name of the scent because I never thought twice about it. I smelled it once when I originally bought it but now when I’m doing laundry I LOVE the smell so much i’ll leave the laundry room door open so it fills the house.

It’s not just cleaning supplies:

  1. Old books- oh my god really though does anything smell better than an old book?
  2. Paper- any paper
  3. Toilet paper
  4. Wood, that Home Depot lumber department, I could stand there for HOURS

Its’ not just smelling, I only bring up smell because that’s the biggest difference from my last pregnancy to this one. My last pregnancy my food cravings was Doritos Taco from Taco Bell and now I LOVE Pericarp and pith or as my friend Ashely called it Satan’s butt/ass. What is that you might ask?

Definition: the white part of the orange, technically called the pericarp, has almost as much vitamin C as does the orange fruit. The pericarp includes the white, thready material that is called the pith.

I literally cant get enough of it. I will eat six to eight of those small oranges or cuties right before bed and when I peel them I try really hard to not take off the white part. If I do accidentally take off the white part I will still eat it. A treat within a treat. So if you know I’m coming over to your house don’t be surprised if I’m in the corner sniffing your old books. So instead of hide yo kids, hide yo wife its more like hide yo old books, hide yo lumber

I’m sorry there’s how many?

The day we found out that we were pregnant with twins was very eventful. We didn’t want to tell anyone we peed on a stick so we took our daughter with us to our first ultrasound appointment which was not easy since she cant sit still for more then a minute. Sophia Rose was running in and out of the room. We tried everything to keep her busy even make chickens out of gloves!

The ultrasounds technician took her sweet time and I was distracted by the fact my daughter was being very hyper. Eventually the technician looked at me and said something and I replied I’m sorry? and she again repeated herself and after going back and forth about four times she finally showed me the screen and said TWINS, TWO! I looked at my husband and he looked a me and all we could do is laugh. It was obviously completely unexpected. We were trying to conceive but didn’t image there being two!

They are not identical and they’re in two different sacks. What’s adorable is we have had a few ultrasound’s so far and each time they’ve had the same heart rate which according to out technician is rare and something she hasn’t seen. So they’re already twinning!

I’m 15 weeks as of Sunday 1/8/17 and we don’t yet know the genders but we are very eager to find out! New additions to our family are due July 2nd 2017!



My little growing family

As you know I took an unexpected break from my blog, another reason I took a break is because we found out I’m pregnant! I’m currently 13 weeks and I’m exhausted! I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks and immediately scheduled my first ultrasound. I had to take my daughter with us because we didn’t want to tell family and we would have to of said something in order for someone to watch her. Lets just say, she was a handful during the entire appointment! Using gloves and turning them into balloons and constantly running in and out of the ultrasound room. Our ultrasound technician did what she normally does, she moved the wand around and said looks good looks good. She had a very thick accent. She said something to me and I asked her to repeat what she said at least four times before she showed me the monitor and said ” you have two! you have twins!” I looked at my husband and all we could do was laugh. We saw both heart beats and both tiny baby’s. We waited till the week of Christmas to announce to Facebook and other social media but we told our immediate family at Thanksgiving.  Out social media announcement is below.

The first couple of weeks were hard. I was tired and nauseous all the time. No matter how much sleep I got, I always needed more which is not something I experienced the first time around. Now I know it’s because I’m carrying TWO! Hopefully soon we will find out genders. I’ll keep you posted!